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<Summer skill course> All you can drink ◆ 2 hours 8000 yen

<Summer skill course> All you can drink ◆ 2 hours 8000 yen

8000 yen

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Recommended course for those who want to enjoy cooking properly. It is a content that you can enjoy plenty of seasonal seafood and mountaineering (photo is an image)


◆ First ahead ... Scallop sleeping together, Tiankura

◆ Appetizer ... Blue Tang Shrimp fireworks

Octopus vinegar

Grilled chicken with local chicken peppers

Grilled edamame

Stir-fried flower

寄 Jelly

◆ Mitsuke ... 5 kinds of fresh fish arrived on the day, a set of handicaps

◆ Ring ... seafood seasoning sushi 5 kinds, vinegar taking ginger

◆ Calcined ... Wagyu Beef Grilled Shabu

◆ Change pot ... cooked chilled cooked abalone and summer vegetables

◆ Fried ... seasonal tempura (summer vegetables, rice, prawns)

◆ Meal ... Tigerfish rice

◆ Stop bowl ... Red soup of seasonal fish

◆ Sweetness ... Seasonal fruit platter

* There are changes in contents due to market purchase.

※ Please make a reservation by the day before.

☆ 5000 yen ~ There is also local cuisine course with all you can drink

☆ Pot dish serving 10000 yen ~ You can prepare.

☆ We are also preparing courses for celebrations and guests from outside the prefecture.

Reservation deadline
Coming up to 2 days before 21 o'clock in the desired date

2018/08/21 update