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【6/1 ~ 7/15 & Sun - Thu Limited】 <13th Anniversary Special Course> All you can drink ◆ 8000 ⇒ 6000 yen ※ reservation accepted by phone

6000 yen

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  • 10items
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"This time it's time to celebrate the 13th anniversary of opening. This is also full of thanks to all of you for your patronage and thanks to all the staff. As a matter of fact, in commemoration of the thirteenth anniversary, thank you very much, but we will offer a special course for commemorating the thirteenth anniversary. Also, you can use the special room preferentially. "


<13th Anniversary Special Course>

◆ Appetizer ... 鱧 dropping plum head

Nanba vinegar of aryu

Blue Tang Shrimp Penetration

◆ Role ... three upper handles

Vinegar taking ginger

◆ Mitsuke ... three varieties of stock arrival today

Or thin drawing of nine paintings, a set of handicap treats

◆ Happy Together ... Chiken Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables

◆ Crocodile ... Abalone pottery grill or Wagyu beef shabu shabu

◆ Fried ... Seasonal Tenpura (prawn, prawn, summer vegetables)

◆ Vinegared things ... spiral shell green leaf

◆ Meal ... sword fish rice, incense

◆ Stopper bowl ... Red soup of seasonal fish

◆ Sweetness ... seasonal fruits

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00

2018/07/09 update